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Pokemon GO earns $1.6 million daily!!

An app that began as an April Fools joke has become a worldwide phenomenon, achieving more than 15 million downloads in the space of a week, and an estimated $1.6 million daily in revenues. The Pokemon Go app, has been downloaded more times in a week than the dating app Tinder has in its four years of existence, with Nintendo having to pause the game’s global roll-out, in order to boost server capacity. Pokémon Go is off to a big start in the U.S., but just how big? The company hasn’t yet revealed any official numbers, but we have estimates to provide an idea of the scope of downloads and revenue the mobile game is generating. In terms of earning power, the game is making around $1.6 million per day, according to SensorTower, and that revenue estimate is limited to iOS only. The Pokemon GO title is based on previous work in augmented reality gaming developed by Niantic, formerly part of Google. Niantic was spun off into an independent company last October as Google restructured itself under the new name Alphabet. The company formed a $30 million partnership with Nintendo and the Pokemon Company, a joint venture developed to license Pokemon characters, which Nintendo owns a third of. Gibson stated that “we presume that out of every 100 units earned at the App Store, 30 would go to Apple, 30 to [software developer] Niantic, 30 to Pokemon and 10 to Nintendo.” Apple earns a 30 percent cut of App Store sales and IAP, collected to help maintain and enhance the market for iOS software. App Store sales are a major part of... read more

App ‘ Blood Group’ receives massive success!

It has been passed only 12 days since the release of the app ‘Blood Group’ Bangla version in Google play store and has received massive success since 3rd December, 2014. It has received a over 14,000 downloads within this 12 days including 168 review rating! At the moment, the app has achieve following positions in Google Play store in Bangladesh and India Region: Category : Health & Fitness – Top Free :  #Number 1 Category: Health & Fitness – Top New Free: # Number 3 Category: Health & Fitness – Trending: # Position 1 and Upward All Categories: Top New Free: # Number 2 All Categories: Top Free: # Number 13 The trending position is upward till now!! The Diziito team would like to thanks to all for its continuing success. It means a lot  to the team and key of inspiration! So whats inside the app: The app provides knowledge about blood group in Bengali language. It contains: – what will be your children’s probable blood group. – From which group you can receive your blood -To which group you can donate your blood – Some important facts about blood group – Address of local and major Blood bank, hospital of Bangladesh. – You can share your blood group through different apps and social media to let them your group type. It might help you later to someone find the correct group and save life. If you did not download it yet, we would like to invite for downloading from: Google play store Apple Store... read more

Have a safe journey with Dhaka Bus Guide!

Dhaka Bus Guide app allows its user to find out right bus for right destination inside Dhaka city area. It also provides information about bus name and its routes. You can find the various stoppage name of your route bus. Search tab allows to find out quickly your bus destination. Download the app at Google Play and iTunes... read more

Express your love through ‘Love Xpress’

The app contains various beautiful love greeting cards and flash cards to spread your love. You can share these through other social media apps. There are also many love spreading funny sms and quotes from various sources. Available at  iTune... read more

New app Release ‘QuotePin’

A good quote expresses an idea or a thought. It illuminates an idea in particular enlightening way.It gives reader the freedom power to imagine the reality of life. This app assembles various great quotes from different sources. Quotes are mainly to get inspiration, motivation and reality for life and love. You can share the quotes through various app and social media. Available on Google Play and iTunes Store      ... read more

‘Blood Factor’ a must have app!

How many of us know about our blood group? Do you have any idea about blood group compatibility? or Do you need to know blood group before marriage? or what would be your children’s blood group? Too many questions?!! Isn’t it? But think if you don’t have any idea about the above questionnaires, then probably you need a ‘must have’  app named ‘Blood Factor’ installed in your mobile.  Probably, you think, you don’t need to know those stuffs as you are fine without any troubles…But who can give you guarantee for next day!!! The fact is that the issue is so important that it becomes a matter of general knowledge. You will never regret for having a small app in your mobile that will fill up your general knowledge about Blood Group.   This app provides knowledge about the hereditary blood types of your child. It also gives you knowledge about to which blood group you can donate and from which blood group you can receive in case of emergency health situation. It also defines some blood related facts precisely from reliable sources. To know more, please download the app from Google play Store and iTune... read more

Diziito acquires Shuvrapp

The newly established IT company Diziito has acquired Shuvrapp, a well reputed app developing IT company. Shuvrapp was built up during the end of 2013 in Sweden. At the beginning, it started its journey at Stockholm Based. From then several android and ios apps were developed. The founder and CEO of Diziito, Syed Shuvra says,” This is just a new beginning with the Shuvrapp. There is no basic difference except the office location and a new brand name. Hopefully, it will continue its journey without any complexities.”                                                                                                    The newly established IT company Diziito takes the challenge to work in Bangladesh. The country has very bright prospectus in the sector of IT. This year, Bangladesh has awarded ”Global ICT Excellence Award” by WITSA in the category of ‘Public Sector Excellence’ for outstanding contribution in social development of the nation using IT. ICT division State minister Mr. Zunaid Ahmed Palak received the award on behalf of Bangladesh Government at World Congress on IT-WCIT in Mexico. The Awards program aims at identifying the most outstanding users of information and communications... read more

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