‘Blood Factor’ a must have app!

‘Blood Factor’ a must have app!

How many of us know about our blood group? Do you have any idea about blood group compatibility? or Do you need to know blood group before marriage? or what would be your children’s blood group?

Too many questions?!! Isn’t it? But think if you don’t have any idea about the above questionnaires, then probably you need a ‘must have’  app named ‘Blood Factor’ installed in your mobile.  Probably, you think, you don’t need to know those stuffs as you are fine without any troubles…But who can give you guarantee for next day!!! The fact is that the issue is so important that it becomes a matter of general knowledge. You will never regret for having a small app in your mobile that will fill up your general knowledge about Blood Group.



This app provides knowledge about the hereditary blood types of your child. It also gives you knowledge about to which blood group you can donate and from which blood group you can receive in case of emergency health situation. It also defines some blood related facts precisely from reliable sources.

To know more, please download the app from Google play Store and iTune Store.

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